Grassroots Linkages Grant Program

Our Grassroots Linkages grant program provides small monetary grants to grassroots organizations in the Philippines that are working for economic and social justice. The grant range is $100 to $1,000 with a typical grant between $300 and $500. We provide grants to a very limited number of projects each year because we are a small voluntary organization and raise our own funds.

Project Reports

Preserving the culture and traditions of the Matigsalog tribe of Manobo People

Pre-School Development Project, Batang Pit-os, Cebu

Final project report - Hog Dispersal on Bohol


What we need from applicants:

1. The name of your organization and all contact information (e-mail, fax, etc.) including the names of the organization's administrator and project contact person.

2. A description of your organizational structure defining its purpose, budget, administration and beneficiaries.

3. The name of the proposed project and its purpose, budget, timeline, and plan for how the success of the project will be evaluated.

4. The amount of money being requested from the PSGM Grassroots Linkages grant program.

Criteria for selection:

1. The mission of the applicant organization must be compatible with the mission of PSGM.

2. The applicant organization must be a nonprofit organization whose funds do not inure to those administering the organization. The applicant organization must have an organization structure defining its purpose, budget, administration, and beneficiaries and to provide this information in writing to PSGM as part of its application.

3. PSGM will give priority to funding self-help projects that can serve as a model for other communities desiring to replicate that program.

4. A member of PSGM must have personal contact with the administrator of the program. That member must be willing to commit his/her time to act as the link between the recipient organization and PSGM. The funded organization must be willing to engage with PSGM in a process of mutual sharing of information and analysis.

5. The funds appropriated of the applicant organization must be used for the purpose stated in their proposal. PSGM must be able to verify and evaluate the disposition of funds appropriate to the recipient organization. This should be done through written reports. The organization must allow for possible site visits and reviews of how funds have been spent.
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